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Cold Way For Jacoby Jones To Go

As if being let go by a team on the basis of under-performance isn't bad enough, recently released Houston Texans wide receiver Jacoby Jones has to deal with the fact that he won't at all be missed by the fan base.

Certainly Jones isn't the first player to be released by a team in which the fans of said team are left asking, "What the hell took so long?" But still, many Texans fans are of the belief that Jones' mishaps in the playoffs against the Baltimore Ravens is what stands between the city of Houston and its first ever Super Bowl victory. That'd be a heavy burden if a guy were to stay in the city.

So not only is Jones out of the door, and not only will he not be missed, but he couldn't have been gone fast enough for Houstonians. Look at it like this: When Mario Williams decided to move on to the Buffalo Bills, he was still admired by a certain portion of the fan base (and the case could be made that he under-performed at times, though definitely not to the degree of Jones). When Eric Winston was let go during the offseason, many Texans fans were devastated. And when DeMeco Ryans was sent packing in a trade to the Philadelphia Eagles, that struck a nerve in Houston as well.

The release of Jacoby Jones, though? There isn't anything the front office could do at this point to make the fans any happier.

So given the situation, and with the benefit of hindsight, why was there even a discussion last offseason as to whether the Texans should sign Vonta Leach - the best fullback in the NFL, or Jones - who apparently wasn't even the second or third or fourth best receiver on Houston's team?

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