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Houston Plans To Bid For 2017 Super Bowl

Reliant Park officials are planning to place a bid to have Reliant Stadium host the Super Bowl in 2017.

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This past week Harris County and Reliant Park officials have expressed interest in having the city of Houston hosting the 2017 Super Bowl. Edgar Colon is the chairman that oversees Reliant Park and he announced the interest at a meeting with the board of directors for Houston to host Super Bowl LI:

"That is something that is coming up. It's in the calendar," Colon said. "(That is) the next one that is up for bid and we intend to participate and to participate forcefully and aggressively to bring the Super Bowl to Houston."

Reliant Park general manager Mark Miller said that the 2017 game is the first one that they are interested in hosting because they are also attempting to win the bid to host the 2016 NCAA Final Four.

The last time Houston hosted the Super Bowl was back in 2004, and they also put in a bid for the 2009 and 2010 games but those went to Tampa and Miami.

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