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Undrafted Free Agent Dwight Jones Informs Texans He Will No Longer Play Football

The Houston Texans dipped into the undrafted free agent pool following the 2012 NFL Draft to attempt to add more depth to their wide receiver position. They signed free agent Dwight Jones from the North Carolina Tar Heels on May 7. It appears Jones' time with the team may already be at an end.

Mark Berman at Fox 26 in Houston reports that Jones has informed the Texans he no longer wishes to play football. Battle Red Blog has more information on this development. The Texans have confirmed that the receiver has missed OTAs but have not yet confirmed that he has quit the team.

Jones was initially projected as a sixth-round draft pick, but the scouting report indicated that he still needed to improve several aspects of his game before becoming NFL-ready, so he went undrafted. He racked up over 1,000 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns in his last year at North Carolina.

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