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Houston Texans Offseason 2012: Mini-Camp Begins Tuesday

The Houston Texans begin their three-day minicamp at the Methodist Training Center Tuesday with mostly the young, up and coming players participating in on-the-field drills, while the veterans spend time with strength and conditioning coach Cedric Smith.

This is a chance to get in more work for the young Texan receivers, who while inexperienced, will be expected to have in an imprint on the team's season. These minicamp sessions will give Houston coaches a chance to evaluate the young talent without them having the veterans on the field to hold their hands through drills.

This is what Texans head coach Gary Kubiak told Sam Khan Jr. at The Houston Chronicle:

"I like the ability, as I've told y'all all along," Kubiak said. "Bottom line, none of them have been in games, and so that's going to be a concern until we get going.

"The picture looks different when Andre is out here and Kevin is out here and you have those veterans leading the way. Throughout the course of these OTAs, it's strictly young guys. That's a concern. It's something we'll continue to address with our team as we move forward."

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