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Connor Barwin: Houston Fans Would Support An Openly Gay Texans Player

Houston Texans linebacker Connor Barwin endorsed both same-sex marriage as well as the potential possibility of an active NFL player coming out. Barwin talked with SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson about the issue, which hits home for Barwin, who has an openly gay brother and cousin. Check it out:

Barwin said he hopes his vocal, public support as an active player would possibly help any current homosexual NFL player to come out. You can check out a lengthy interview Barwin gave with OutSports on the subject here. In that interview, Barwin was asked about the reaction in Houston if a current Texan were to come out:

I think the fan base would definitely be cool with it. I think they would be proud of anybody that came out and said they were gay. More importantly than that, if the guy was a good football player the fan base would really love him. The first guy that comes out – great player or mediocre player – I think he will be a hero and be accepted. People are just waiting for it to happen.

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