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Houston Texans Offseason Contract Extensions: What About Matt Schaub?

The Houston Texans have made significant investments in their future by locking up head coach Gary Kubiak through the 2014 season and general manager Rick Smith through 2016.

As Jerome Solomon of The Houston Chronicle notes in his Monday column, the Texans would also like to sign left tackle Duane Brown and outside linebacker Connor Barwin to long-term, cap-friendly deals before the season. But there's another important contract extension possibility to address here, and that's Matt Schaub's.

Coming off an injury-riddled season, the Texans' franchise quarterback is now entering the last season of his contract. How important is it going to be for Houston to address their long term quarterback situation?

"It means a lot," Kubiak said. "I know it's a great message to the players and everybody from Bob that he believes in what we're doing and where we're heading."

Schaub says he only wants to get healthy and return to the football field, but since the Texans are making clear efforts to plan for the future, this is going to be a looming issue until something happens with his contract.

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