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Texans Training Camp 2012: Houston Signs DE Mitch King

The Texans signed defensive end Mitch King on Monday after releasing undrafted rookie free agent Tracy Robertson on Sunday. As part of a new provision in the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, there is a three-day acclimation period before players can practice in pads after being traded, so Robertson won't hit the field with his new teammates until Wednesday.

Gary Kubiak had this to say about King:

"We liked him coming out of college. He's a try-hard player. He reminded us a little bit of Tim Bulman, who we had here for a few years."

Texans fans admire try hard players, since the team is full of them. But usually it's better to hear what the player does well than how hard he tries. Signing King brings the Texans roster to 89 men, so if he sticks around, he adds depth at the very least.

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