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Brian Cushing Was 'A Little Angry' When DeMeco Ryans Was Traded

As the Texans move on without DeMeco Ryans, Brian Cushing is still dealing with the departure of his partner.

Houston traded Ryans to the Eagles in March, something Cushing was asked about in a radio interview with KBME in Houston on Tuesday. Cushing talked on a variety of topics, including the trade. From

"DeMeco's pretty much an irreplaceable guy on and off the field. But we've done a good job really getting acclimated to not having him. We've had a lot of good guys step in. ... For the most part, we've just had to go next guy up. That's the kind of attitude we have around here and that's the kind of nature of the sport that we play. We can't hang our heads on who we've lost."

As for Cushing's reaction to the trade:

"Definitely shocked and a little angry. That's a player I envisioned playing my entire career with. But like you said and like I mentioned before, it's part of the business. We have a helluva GM and helluva organization that know what they're doing. You put your trust in them and that's the kind of thing that it is, it's business."

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