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Matt Schaub: Super Bowl Or Bust For Houston Texans

For all the conversation about what the Texans are going to do at wide receiver if Andre Johnson suffers another injury-after-injury kind of season, it's pretty clear in Houston that Super Bowl talks are out the window if Matt Schaub doesn't stay healthy.

No one on the team is actually saying as much, but the Texans could've been an experienced starting quarterback away from their first ever AFC Championship game in the same season they made their first ever playoff appearance in 2011. Head coach Gary Kubiak says the Texans needs Schaub to "stay healthy and continue to push this team to another level."

Here's what Schaub had to say about his expectations for the season:

"With the pieces that we have in this locker room and the guys that we have, anything less won't be getting the job done. We took the next step as a team and the only next step after that is to get to the Super Bowl and win it. So anything short of that will be a disappointment in our eyes."

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