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Arian Foster: Everyone Can't Be Healthy In NFL Season

The injuries at Texans training camp have been a bit concerning, but more so because of the team's history with injuries, rather than the actual severity of those seen this week. But the always enlightening Arian Foster notes an important point going forward: not everyone can be healthy during the season.

And to really drive that point home, few are actually healthy through the season, so it's actually better for fans and players alike to see it now rather than later. Here's Foster via Nick Scurfield:

"You're not going to go through an NFL season with everybody healthy. That's just how this game goes. It's been like that for years and it's about managing your injures. Injuries are going to happen. It's just all about how you take care of them and how your team responds to them."

On the team's injuries...

"That's football. You look around the League, I bet you there's some injures around the League already. It just happens. It's unfortunate that those important key guys to our success but luckily they weren't serious injuries from what I hear, so they're going to be able to bounce back. It's early in camp so they'll have some time to rest and get back. But as a player on this team and as a team, we just have to continue to focus and go forward."

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