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Andre Johnson Will Be Treated Delicately For Rest Of His Career

Gone are the days when the Texans don't worry about Andre Johnson and his health. Assuming Johnson retires with the team (which we'll do for the sake of not upsetting anyone), Houston is always going to treat one of the toughest receivers in the league with the delicacy of fine china.

From the link, check out what Stephanie Stradley had to say about protecting Dre:

Andre Johnson is a special player, and if they need to baby him and being very conservative and take precautions or whatever the euphemism to get him to be productive through an entire season, I am good with that. That will likely be the way he is used for the rest of his career because Father Time always goes undefeated.

Johnson wants to use this season to prove the skeptics wrong -- the ones who say he's getting old and injury prone. Texans fans, die-hard and casual alike, are rooting for him to do that. Another reality is that the Texans themselves are validating what the doubters are saying with all the precautions they're taking.

And rightfully so.

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