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Case Keenum Vs. John Beck: Who Will Be Houston Texans No. 3 QB?

Thursday night's preseason finale against the Vikings could decide who the Texans' No. 3 quarterback will be this season, John Beck or Houston Cougars hero Case Keenum.That may not sound so relevant considering we're talking about the backup to the backup at arguably the most important position on the field. You could make the case that if the No. 3 quarterback is in the game, either the stakes are low or it's a desperate situation that no one on the team wants to be in.

But the Texans went to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history under the leadership of a shaky, yet decent No. 3 rookie quarterback. Keenum has to be looking at what T.J. Yates did last season given the circumstance, and hoping he can have similar fortune, even if his future is not with the Texans.

If we're real about it, though, a situation like what happened last season when the top two quarterbacks went down for the Texans midway through the season isn't one we should wish on Keenum.

Houston fans want Keenum to succeed, and he'll be most successful by watching, observing and learning -- even if that means he has to do it on the practice squad. I'm rooting for Keenum, and bless him if he wins the No. 3 spot. But do we, biases aside, really think he's readier for the position than Beck? Biases aside.

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