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Houston Texans Training Camp: Case Keenum Tries To Make The Best Of Limited Opportunities

Its the life and times of the 4th-string quarterback of an NFL team at training camp. For the Houston Texans and former Houston Cougar standout quarterback Case Keenum, getting reps and opportunities is the only thing that matters. For Keenum specifically, the desire to perform well when given the chance could be the difference in being a valuable asset or an afterthought when roster cuts come.

At the very least, head coach Gary Kubiak seems pleased with his project quarterback. Per the Houston Texans website, Keenum's been "up and down" thus far.

"Like today, he had three or four chances to make some touchdown throws and just misses them. If he makes them, his day is great. If he misses them, he feels like it was bad. I'm just wanting him to keep progressing. I love his want-to. This kid wants to be good. He studies very, very hard. I'm going to give him a chance to play in the preseason a great deal. I'm excited about him because I like his passion for the game of football." - Texans head coach Gary Kubiak

Keenum's fighting for the No. 3 position on the depth chart behind former Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins quarterback John Beck. T.J. Yates has solidified himself at the No. 2 spot after a strong showing in 2011 after Matt Schaub went down with a foot injury.

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