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What Would Bun B., Arian Foster Record Sound Like?

When Arian Foster isn't too busy being the Houston Texans' franchise quarterback, he might be somewhere making music with legendary rapper Bun B.

In an interview with, Bun B said that Foster is "passionately working on a rap career during the offseason." More interesting than anything is trying to anticipate what this might sound like. Neither dude strikes me as the type to put out a weak product, especially if they're teaming up.

You think this is a good idea, something that could work out well? It sounds harmless if it's something he's doing in the offseason, when players owe it to themselves to chill for a while.

"It's not something that he really focuses on during the season cause he wants to make sure the Houston Texans get every dime they paid for out of him," Bun B. explained. "He's very focused and very determined to make sure he gets his best effort when the season's on the line."

We all know Bun is a big Texans fan so any kind of collaboration with Foster would be big here in Houston. I don't know how well Foster can rap and if I judge from the historical context of athletes trying this, it's probably not a good idea.

But Foster I find to be enlightening and introspective in a way that would be perfect for a Bun B. collabo. I just wish Pimp C was still alive to be part of it.

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