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Matt Schaub Loses Piece Of His Ear, Earns Tough Guy Status

Matt Schaub's name doesn't exactly ring out when you're talking about the league's tough guys. His reputation might actually lead one to call him soft or feeble. I've heard these terms from radio callers in Houston, and the reservations on Schaub are usually about him staying healthy.

Schaub is putting it all on the line now -- even his ear. Broncos linebacker Joe Mays delivered a blow to Schaub's helmet in the third quarter, causing Schaub's ear to bleed from parts of it that no longer exist.

Even Schaub could get away with not playing without a piece of his head, but Texans head coach Gary Kubiak said the quarterback didn't even want to leave the game.

That's gross, but you have to respect Schaub for toughing it out. This happened in the third quarter, and he only missed one play. Schaub got his money a couple of weeks ago when the Texans extended his contract, and now he's leaving his ear on the field.

It's worth some respect.

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