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NFL power rankings 2012: Texans are consensus top-3 choice

In the latest power rankings, not everyone agrees with ESPN that the Texans are the best team in the NFL.

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After back-to-back 20 point victories to begin the season over the Dolphins and Jaguars, the only doubt about the strength of the Houston Texans was whether or not they could beat a team that didn't rank among the league's worst. They got that test in Week 3 as they traveled to face Peyton Manning's Broncos and they passed, dominating most of the game.

While a 14-0 fourth quarter got the Broncos back within reach late, the Texans controlled the game with over 400 yards of total offense and four Matt Schaub touchdown passes, en route to a 31-25 victory. It was a win that proved the Texans to be a top power in the NFL, but not the top power in many power rankings. In SB Nation's latest rankings from Joel Thorman, they just missed that top spot for the second week in a row:

2. Houston Texans (LW: 2, 3-0): The second best team in the NFL, or the losers of the coin flip. The Texans are every bit as legit as the Falcons and their win over the Broncos was solid. I can't wait until a two-game stretch in October -- Packers and Ravens. If they're elite, they'll show us in those two games.

While Thorman wasn't ready to give the Texans the top spot, ESPN was though, giving them the nod over the Falcons:

Could the Texans clinch the AFC South before the end of the baseball regular season? (Clayton)

The lowest of their rankings though, came from MJD of Yahoo! Sports, who ranked the Texans as the lowest of the NFL's three undefeated teams. Each the Cardinals and the Falcons got the nod over the Texans, giving the AFC South leaders the No. 3 spot.

With an upcoming home game against the Tennessee Titans, the Texans will be favored to improve to 4-0 and perhaps then they can become the undisputed best in the NFL.

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