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Rice Football Recruiting: Weather Forces Coach Bailiff To Wait On Letters Of Intent

There are so many different things that go into the recruitment of a high school athlete. Scouting them on film, attending a game, meeting them in person, schmoozing with the family, hosting them for an official visit, meetings with the other coaches, and so on. There are so many different times that the recruitment could go off track. When a player decides to attend our school and send his letter of intent, the hard part is supposed to be over.

But for the Rice Owls and coach David Bailiff, the terrible weather in the Dallas area threw a wrench into the whole situation, according to Moisekapenda Bower of Fox Sports.

“There was some anxiety this morning with some of the schools that were closed in Dallas,” Bailiff said. “It was the first time where you had to come up with some alternative plans to where the kids maybe wouldn’t have access to a fax machine. But we got it all done and the coaches really helped us out in the Dallas area making sure we got those faxes in a timely manner.”

I can imagine that the coach being a little frazzled if, after months of hard work on the recruiting trail, it comes down to a students access to a fax machine to get his LOI in in a timely fashion. Being a little late with it doesn't mean that he won't be going to Rice, but like the Coach said, you just feel better when they are your desk.

in total, Bailiff signed 19 players, very few of which are expected to contribute early. But they are players who will be able to provide valuable depth, and should be able to contribute when they are ready. All in all, a successful class.

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