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Texas A&M Vs. Baylor: National Football Posts' Wes Bunting Has Robert Griffin Ranked Top 5

The Baylor Bears take on the Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday as the two teams meet while both ranked for the first time since 1991. Baylor's Robert Griffin has been catching quite a bit of media attention over the past few weeks as he's entered Heisman discussions as well as 2012 NFL draft conversations. The Aggies will have a tough time defending Baylor's duel-threat quarterback who comes in at No. 4 on Wes Buntings top 5 quarterbacks in 2011. via

Griffin is the real wildcard of the class. A lot will be determined on his draft stock over the next couple weeks vs. the jump in competition. But, as of now I see an elite athlete at the position who has exhibited a real development as a pocket passer. He’s got a good feel for the game, has made some big time NFL stick throws this year (skinny post & deep comeback) and tosses one of the prettier bucket throws in the country. Overall, there is simply too much talent, upside and production at time stage to think he’s anything but a potential franchise guy in my mind.

The No. 20 Baylor Bears take on the No. 21 Texas A&M Aggies at Kyle Field in College Station Saturday at 12pm ET.

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