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Texas A&M Vs Texas Tech: Playing For The Last Time?

Texas A&M plays Texas Tech in the last conference game between the two schools.

After blowing consecutive double-digit second-half leads against Oklahoma State and Arkansas, Texas A&M's schedule gets no easier. They head out to Lubbock for a Saturday night game against long-time rival Texas Tech in what should be an emotionally charged contest.

The Red Raiders are 4-0, thanks to their traditionally lax non-conference schedule, which included games against Texas State, New Mexico State and Nevada this year.

The rivalry has always meant more to Tech than A&M, and over the last decade, the Red Raiders have exulted in their 7-3 record against the Aggies. But in the wake of the turmoil at the end of the Mike Leach era, A&M has regained the upper hand, winning the last two games.

It's the 70th meeting between the two schools and it may be the last for a long-time, as A&M moves to the SEC next season while Tech stays behind in the Big 12.

Gus Johnson will be in the building, as the game starts at 6:00 PM on FX.

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