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SEC Expansion: Texas A&M May Play Nine Conference Games, Mizzou Every Year

New SEC schedule could force the Aggies to end numerous in-state rivalries.

With Missouri now officially in the SEC, Texas A&M has a travel partner in the conference. 

The conference will still be split into two seven-team divisions, with the Aggies joining the SEC West and the Tigers joining the SEC East. To preserve traditional rivalries like Georgia-Auburn and Alabama-Tennessee, each team will have one opponent from the other division it plays each year.

The Aggies will play a murderer's row of all six SEC West opponents (Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Mississippi State) every year as well as Missouri from the East, while rotating games against schools like Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

Where it gets interesting is the rest of the conference schedule, with the South Carolina President saying there will be nine conference games, something which the SEC is officially denying.

If the Aggies play nine SEC games, it would leave room for only three non-conference games, which would seriously jeopardize century-long rivalries Texas A&M has had with Texas, Texas Tech and Baylor. 

Even if the Longhorns eventually want to renew the Lone Star Showdown, how will Texas A&M's football staff feel about scheduling another top 10 power after such a brutal conference slate?

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