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Report Indicates That Mike Sherman Will Return To Texas A&M Next Year

A hefty buyout may prevent the Aggies from replacing their embattled football coach.

According to a report from Chip Brown, the main columnist for Orangebloods, Mike Sherman will be Texas A&M's football coach when the school joins the SEC next season:

 Chip Brown 
I'm told Mike Sherman - and his $8 million buyout - will be back at Texas A&M next season.

Sherman has come under heavy fire this season, after his pre-season top 10 team finished the year 6-6, blowing five second-half leads in the process.

No loss hurt more than the Aggies final conference game against arch-rival Texas at Kyle Field, when Texas A&M let an out-manned Texas team score on trick plays, turnovers and QB Case McCoy's improbable 25-yard scramble with less than two minutes left that set up the Longhorns game-winning field goal.

In four years in College Station, Sherman's record is 25-25.

But, as Brown alludes to, an $8 million buyout in his contract would make it very difficult for the Aggies' debt-ridden athletic department to let him go. Not only would they have to eat his buyout, but they would have to shell out over $5 million in salaries for a new SEC-caliber coaching staff as well as pay a substantial exit fee to the Big 12.

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