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Charlie Strong 'Not Looking' To Leave Louisville

Louisville head coach Charlie Strong, one of the names that's been widely linked to Texas A&M in their search to replace Mike Sherman, issued a series of strong statements to the Louisville Courier-Journal Tuesday, indicating he has no interest in leaving:

"At some point, just trust me," Strong said. "I'm not looking for a job. I have a job. I'm the head coach at the University of Louisville. I work for an unbelievable athletic director; I work for a guy who has given me everything I have asked for. You have so much support from the university, from the city of Louisville. Now all of a sudden, a guy who couldn't get a job has a job and has some success -- why would we ever think now that he's just going to chop it and leave? The University of Louisville is not going to become a training ground for head coaches."

Of course, college football coaches have a long and storied history of issuing strong denials about a rumored position only to eventually end up taking it.

For now though, it appears that the shortlist for the Texas A&M job just got a little shorter.

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