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Texas A&M Coaching Search: Mark Richt Is A 'Legitimatie' Candidate, According To Report

The Texas A&M search for a head coach has gone in many directions so far, with it first being reported that Houston's Kevin Sumlin was the head coach and then was not, or that Air Force's Troy Calhoun was a serious candidate for the job. Now the latest report -- which has literally sprung up from nowhere -- has the Aggies now making a run at Georgia's Mark Richt.

This latest coaching news comes from Aggie beat writer Brent Zwerneman who is saying that Rich is a real candidate to replace Mike Sherman.


Or it could be that Richt is entertaining other jobs since he is up for an extension with Georgia after winning the SEC East. Richt going to Texas A&M seems far fetched since he is coming off of a SEC East championship and a move to coach the Aggies would put him in charge of a less talented team and be playing in the tougher half of the SEC.

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