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Von Miller To Be Superstar According To SackSEER Projection System

If you want another reason why it's likely that Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller is still a worthy trade-up target for the Texans, look no further than the Football Outsiders' SackSEER projection system, which has Miller as one of the best prospects that it's ever graded. SackSEER projects Miller to have 36.4 sacks by his fifth year in the league, for reference, Mario Williams has 48 sacks through his fifth year in the NFL--so while he wouldn't quite be Mario-level, he definitely would be an elite defensive player. Here's what SackSEER loves about Miller:

Miller's 4.06-second shuttle is amazing -- no edge rusher prospect has run a shuttle at the Combine that starts with a 4.0 since DeMarcus Ware.

Prospects with good size and good SackSEER projections rarely bust, and there have been plenty of players such as Aaron Maybin and Manny Lawson who end up playing down to their size despite impressive athleticism. However, some of the best edge rushers have been undersized, and often severely so. Most recently, Clay Matthews took the NFL by storm despite weighing only 240 pounds at the Combine, and Trent Cole and Robert Mathis have been outstanding despite being well south of the 240-pound mark on draft day.

Although an injury or struggles against the run could certainly derail Miller's career, Miller has the potential to become an elite player at his position.

SackSEER also aligns itself with Daniel Charles in the anti-Robert Quinn camp. And praises the Eagles for signing Phillip HuntWhere have I heard that name again?

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