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2011 NFL Draft: Von Miller Could Be First Defensive Player Drafted

Von Miller has been moving very steadily up Draft boards, and may even become the first defensive player taken in the NFL Draft, according to Mike Triplett of

The presumed No. 1 pick right now is Cam Newton, whom the Panthers are expected to take if they aren't successful in their efforts to trade back. After that the Broncos will have a serious decision to make with the second overall pick. Do they take Miller, or Alabama DT Marcell Dareus. They are expected to take a defensive player with their selection, but it will be up to them who will be the first off the board.

The Buffalo Bills pick third overall, and are expected to take whichever player the Broncos decide not to. At this point, it seems like Miller's basement is No. 3 to the Bills. If they appear disinterested, I can't imagine that Miller gets any further than the Arizona Cardinals at No 5 overall.

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