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2011 NFL Draft Results: Costanzo Gives Colts Early Lead On Rest Of South

The 2011 NFL Draft kicked off last night with the quarterback run that many experts such as Rick Gosselin had expected. It didn't go quite as long as Gosselin thought it would, but when the dust settled, two AFC South teams had new franchise quarterbacks. That should be good news for the Texans, at least in the interim, and they and the Colts both did pretty well to wind up with J.J. Watt and Anthony Costanzo.

Here's how the whole first round went for the AFC South

8) Jake Locker, QB, Tennessee Titans

Jake Locker should be a good get for the Titans. Remember, he was going to be the No. 1 overall pick last year, and his mobility will lead to greatpfffttttthahahahahahhaha. Sorry, I can't do it. I think Jake Locker was the worst quarterback in this draft and my schadenfreude is tickled to see him in Tennessee Baby Blue. Up yours, Bud Adams!

10) Blaine Gabbert, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

I'm bigger on Gabbert than I am on Locker, but I still think rumors of David Garrard's mediocrity have been over exaggerated. You can win with Garrard as your quarterback if you build a good enough team around him, and Jacksonville's defensive secondary was a nightmare last year. Gabbert is probably still a good pick all things considered, if they think he can be the new face of the franchise. But that isn't going to help them much next year.

11) J.J. Watt, DE, Houston Texans

While I understand this move, I would've rather seen Robert Quinn in Texans navy blue. I don't like Mario Williams standing up, because I think he has more natural explosion off the line. Wade Phillips can get creative with Watt, and I don't think he's a bad pick by any means. I just think Quinn was the best natural pass rusher in this draft after Von Miller, and I would've rather had him.

22) Anthony Costanzo, LT, Indianapolis Colts

Great pick for the Colts. I thought Costanzo was the best tackle in this draft, and one of the cleanest players overall. The Colts have had a weakness at tackle for years, and this move should be a great start towards remedying it. A+ for Polian, and the class of the division is also the class of the draft. So far.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.