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NFL Draft 2011: Von Miller On Weeping At The NFL Draft

Von Miller's conference call with the Denver media showcased the tide of emotions that had him blubbering like a baby as ESPN and NFL Network filmed it all live. The first to get the call? Not Von, but his dad.

"I saw the 303 Area Code, and I knew immediately who it was. I had flashbacks to all the homework that I've been putting in every single day since little league football...every time that people said I couldn't do it, and I had that flashback you know. I was just extremely anxious for my opportunity to go into the league and prove myself."

On what he'd been hearing during the draft process, and how things changed over the past few days:

"It was all a surprise to me. I got stuff from my agent, he told me right before Denver was going to pick me. But you know, in the draft, everyone lies. I was just extremely excited to get the opportunity."

The interview is worth a listen, as Miller also talks about playing with Elvis Dumervil and how the Broncos courted him. Miller should be a big boost to the Broncos pass rushing attack as they look to revamp their strained defense from last season.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.