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NCAA Women's Championship 2011: Is It Really A Good Thing That Aggies And Irish Are Squaring Off?

Texas A&M coach Gary Blair thinks that tonight’s NCAA Final between Notre Dame and his Aggies could wind up being a good thing for the game, and hasn’t been shy at all about saying it:

“This is what women’s basketball needs,” Texas A&M coach Gary Blair told reporters Sunday. “It needs regional final games and semifinal games and final games like this to be able to sometimes wake up America.”

“Don’t take anything away from what Pat and Geno and Tara has accomplished,” Blair said. “But right now, for our sport to grow, we need Texas A&M and Notre Dame in this game.”

I think Blair might have a different idea about this one if his team weren’t involved. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that the Aggies are still dancing, but it seems that time and time again the ratings follow the glamor franchises. In every sport, not just women’s basketball.

It’ll be interesting to compare and contrast the viewing numbers of tonight’s game with last year’s championship bout. I suppose there are potential long-term benefits to having the Aggies and Irish playing for the crown, but it won’t mean much unless one of these programs can use the momentum to establish themselves as a juggernaut in their own right.

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