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Texas A&M Vs. Notre Dame Score: Fighting Irish Offensive Rally Gives Them 35-33 Halftime Lead

Notre Dame played better than they did in the early stages of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship, wearing down the Aggies lead and avoiding turnovers. Notre Dame mainly got it’s points down low with lob passes over All-American center Danielle Adams. Sydney Colson’s absence due to foul trouble really showed as Notre Dame was able to start scoring again and even create a few points off Aggie turnovers in the backcourt. She picked up her third foul with 4:55 remaining in the half and that really opened the floodgates for the Notre Dame comeback.

A&M came out very frazzled on the offensive end, and their turnovers picked up while their hot shooting start cooled down quite a bit. Notre Dame was shooting well from the first minute, but the early turnovers gave the Aggies many more possessions to work with.

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