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Women's NCAA Championship Score: Despite Devereaux Peters Onslaught, Aggies Take 54-53 Lead

The Aggies continued to get hurt over the top in the NCAA Women’s Championship as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish built their lead up even further with some great plays in their halfcourt sets. A&M had to settle for a lot of long guarded attempts deep in the shot clock, The Aggies had no answer for Devereaux Peters underneath early on in the half.

Danielle Adams and Sydney Colson stabilized the Aggies offense, and Notre Dame started missing a lot of runners and contested layups to fuel a Texas A&M rally. Tyra White was able to bring the Aggies to within 2 with 14:24 left with a converted three-point play, then Danielle Adams tied the game with two free throws and gave the Aggies their first second-half lead with a fallaway jumper.

It’s looking to be a pretty back-and-forth affair here from Conseco Fieldhouse as the last ten minutes will decide it all. The Aggies will need to cut their turnovers down if they want to put Notre Dame away.

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Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.