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NCAA Women's Championship Game: Texas A&M Coach Gary Blair 'Does' The Dougie

Many great things have come out of the intersection of sports and pop culture. Last night, at the NCAA Women's Final Four Championship, Texas A&M head coach Gary Blair managed to not create one of them.

You see, The Dougie has been around for awhile now. Like the robotic Richard Simmons, it's proven almost impossible to kill. But Blair is dedicated to making it happen, as we can see here:


I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be The Dougie anyway, that's what they told me down at the station. It looks more like the thought of doing The Dougie is making him perspire and has left his brain confused as to what exactly is going on. Winning his first NCAA Championship could be part of the reason behind that.

Full video behind the jump.

It actually looks more like he knows what he's doing when it's slower. I guess we won't be seeing Blair on Dancing With The Stars anytime soon. 

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