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NFL Draft 2012 Profiles: Mocking The Draft On Texas A&M's Cyrus Gray

Our friends over at Mocking The Draft took a look at Texas A&M running back Cyrus Gray and put together some notes on him as he enters this year as a projected first round pick. So far, Jon Dove likes what he sees out of the talented running back:

Gray is one of my favorite players in all of college football. He is an explosive and exciting player that when he touches the ball you expect big things to happen. He is not only quick but also strong and determined. His ability to run behind his pads and break tackles is what makes him a complete running back.

His game is very balanced as he is able to run between the tackles and also contribute in the passing game. However, his 2nd gear and burst is though to match. He is an good looking prospect that really only needs to improve his pass blocking. Gray could also look to add a few more pounds and a bit more strength. His built is a little thin which could impact his durability.

Overall, Gray is an excellent prospect with a ton of upside. His versatility is something NFL teams will be immediately drawn to. He needs to continue his production this season but anything thing other than a major injury will only help his draft stock.

The Aggies should come into this year loaded with prospects worthy of draftnik consideration, and Gray may wind up leading the pack. Along with Ryan Tannehill and Jeff Fuller, they may be able to boast multiple first round picks in College Station for the first time since 2003.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.