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Texas A&M Still In Play For Conference Realignment

With the recent news breaking about ESPN's Longhorn Network adding another game, it seems as if A&M might be rethinking its' decision to stay in the Big 12. It was originally planned that the new network would only exclusively televise one Texas football game, but it's now being reported that two games will be aired this Fall (season opener against Rice and an additional conference game to be named later). This is exactly what Texas A&M feared when they decided to stay with the Big 12, and Billy Liucci of thinks Texas' lack of regard for conference stability could lead to A&M leaving for the SEC.

This news has apparently "energized" some A&M donors connected to the Athletic Department, and it looks like Bill Byrne might be having a change of heart. When discussing an A&M move to the SEC last year, the important decision makers were having trouble leaving the Big 12 for a variety of reasons. However, they are now recognizing that the Big 12 might not be a long-term solution for their athletic program, and the addition of the Longhorn Network certainly doesn't help.

The SEC has always been relatively fond of the Aggies joining their power conference, but there's been talk of recent scandals hindering the SEC's ability to make a decision in the near future. With more important matters on their table currently, they probably wouldn't be able to make a meaningful decision about A&M anytime soon. 

There's also some rumors about Texas A&M expanding Kyle Field in a renovation project that would help in the increased ticket demand with a move to the SEC.

But, we’re hearing that a certain big donor has once again resurfaced and has been looking for a big project where he could donate and get some PR in return for his new business venture. So the buzz now is that there’s a proposal on the table for a $100 million donation to refurbish and expand Kyle Field in exchange for naming rights to the stadium (the field will remain Kyle Field).

These developments are a step in the right direction for those Aggie fans yearning for a move to the SEC. The stadium expansion talks are also very intriguing, and I think it's only a matter of time until A&M and the Longhorns are separated.

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