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Texas A&M Gearing Up For The SEC?

Yes, there are rumors that Texas A&M is heading to the SEC. It may indeed be all about the money.

It's the rumor that just wouldn't dieThe move of Texas A&M to the SEC first popped up when Nebraska and Colorado decided to high-tail it out of the Big 12 for parts unknown (okay, the Big 10 and Pac-10, respectively). When all of that talk was going down, A&M was rumored to be discussing a move away from the Big 12 and into the SEC, presumably joining LSU and Arkansas in the West. It didn't happen, the Aggies stayed with the Big 12 and got a handsome payday from the conference for it.

Flash-forward to this August, when the Longhorn Network is not only scheduled to come online, but it apparently caught the Aggies completely by surprise. Just like a giant wooden rabbit. While the LHN won't pose a threat by showing high school games, thanks to a new ruling by the NCAA, it's still going to be a substantial cash cow for the Longhorns. Since the contract language also precludes Texas from joining a conference TV network in the future, it meant the Longhorns would have a huge advantage in revenue for the forseeable future.

This seems to have stirred up those talks about "SECeding" and heading to one of the premier college football leagues. It also boasts some big-time college basketball programs and some high-level college baseball programs. Basically, A&M would be stepping up with the big boys in pretty much all sports, including soccer (Florida is a powerhouse), women's basketball and softball. The only sport they may catch a break in is volleyball, but I'd have to check the records.

From a competition standpoint, this is a bad move. A&M would be one of the top teams in the Big 12 in most every sport for the foreseeable future. In the SEC, that's not close to the case. But, the SEC does have a television network and brings in a good chunk of money already with its TV rights to games. People want to watch SEC football with teams like Alabama, Florida and Auburn. People won't so much sign up for A&M, but the Aggies still get a piece of the pie. That's more than they're getting in the Texas deal.

It sounds like this move is more than just smoke and mirrors at this point, but we'll know more for sure by September 1. Until then, rumors will have to sustain us, along with dreams of playing Vanderbilt, Mississippi State and Steve Spurrier. Everyone needs more Steve Spurrier in their lives, right?

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