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Pat Narduzzi Staying At Michigan State, Won't Join Texas A&M As Defensive Coordinator

Pat Narduzzi will not be joining Kevin Sumlin's staff at Texas A&M, despite being the Aggies' top target. Narduzzi released an official statement through Michigan State that acknowledged talks with A&M:

"With the success we've had as a football program, especially the last two years, people around the country have taken notice. So when provided a professional opportunity like Texas A&M, I owed it to my family to investigate it because my first obligation is to take care of my wife and children. The bottom line remains; however, that I'm very comfortable working for Mark Dantonio and Michigan State. The support from the top down is tremendous. Coach Dantonio, Athletics Director Mark Hollis, President (Lou Anna) Simon and our Board of Trustees have been very supportive and understanding as I've gone through this decision-making process, and I'm thankful for their patience.

"I share the same feelings that our players and coaches have that there's some unfinished business to take care of here. We're all driven to win the Big Ten Championship and win a Rose Bowl." reports that the offer Narduzzi received was likely at least three times his current salary ($235,000 annually) and columnist Graham Couch speculates that while the move is rare these days, it was ultimately the right one for Narduzzi:

Narduzzi and his family might have loved Texas A&M. He would have made a lot of money and perhaps wound up as a head coach in a few years anyway — maybe in the Sun Belt Conference instead of the MAC.

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

The 45-year-old Narduzzi, it would seem, took the better long-term approach to a coaching career with at least another 20 years left in it.

His ties are to the Midwest and East Coast. This is his comfort zone. And by staying in this region, this is more than likely where he'll get his first head coaching opportunity.

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