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2012 SEC Football Standings: Texas A&M fourth in SEC West

The SEC standings are split evenly between undefeated teams and teams without a single win. Only Texas A&M has a split record, currently sitting at fourth in the SEC West.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

The haves and the have-nots are quickly starting to get separated in the Southeastern Conference. Texas A&M is the only team in either the SEC East or West to have a record that isn't made up of all wins or all losses. They are sitting at 1-1 after two games, good for fourth place in the SEC West.

The East is completely divided, with three teams sitting at 3-0 and the rest all stuck at 0-2. Alabama, LSU, Georgia and South Carolina are the top dogs overall with 5-0 records. Florida is currently at the top of the standings overall, leading the conference in wins away from home.

Here are the full standings for the SEC:

SEC East:

Florida 3-0
Georgia 3-0
South Carolina 3-0
Kentucky 0-2
Missouri 0-2
Tennessee 0-2
Vanderbilt 0-2

SEC West:

Alabama 2-0
LSU 1-0
Mississippi State 1-0
Texas A&M 1-1
Ole Miss 0-1
Auburn 0-2
Arkansas 0-2

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.