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Bowl game projections 2012: Texas A&M projected by CBS to go to Gator Bowl

Texas A&M and Texas are both projected to make bowl games by CBS, though neither is projected to be in a BCS bowl.


The state of Texas is not expected to be represented well in the big bowl games, at least according to the newest bowl projections that have been published by CBS. The four BCS bowls and the National Championship all feature teams from outside Texas, with the closest team being Oklahoma's berth in the Fiesta Bowl, where it is expected to face off against Boise State. Both Texas and Texas A&M are expected to get into the bowl picture, however low in the bowl hierarchy they may be.

Texas A&M is given the highest tier nod by the CBS projections, put into the Gator Bowl as the SEC's No. 6 to face off against the Purdue Boilermakers. Meanwhile, the Texas Longhorns are expected to be third in the Big 12 at season's end by the projections, putting them in the Alamo Bowl against the Oregon Ducks.

Currently sitting at 3-4 with five conference games left in their schedule, the Houston Cougars are not expected to get into a bowl game this season.

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