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Texas A&M upsets Alabama: Did LSU help the Aggies?

Some people are wondering whether Texas A&M should be thanking LSU for helping the Aggies upset the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Matthew Stockman

The Texas A&M Aggies pulled off a stunning upset of the No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide, traveling to Tuscaloosa and winning, 29-24. Although the Aggies deserve tons of credit for the victory, some people are wondering whether they should thank Alabama's previous opponent, the LSU Tigers.

Graham Watson of Yahoo! Sports raised this point, arguing:

"The emotional and physical strain of the LSU game seemed to take a little bit out of Alabama..."

Watson also points out the while Alabama knew what they were going up against in LSU, the Texas A&M offense was an unknown for the Crimson Tide, and they struggled with it.

The LSU offense proved that the Alabama defense had flaws, and Johnny Manziel and the Aggie offense exploited some of those weaknesses. The Crimson Tide had yet to see an up-tempo offense with a dual-threat quarterback like Manziel, so A&M used their speed to keep Alabama on the ropes.

Even if the Aggies received some help from the Tigers, A&M ultimately dethroned the No. 1 team, not LSU.

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