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Tim Tebow a Johnny Manziel fan

Former Heisman Trophy winner likes the way Manziel makes plays for Texas A&M.

Mike Zarrilli

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel captured the attention of college football fans and media across the country after guiding the No. 8 Aggies to an upset win over then No. 1 Alabama last weekend.

Among those taking notice was New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow. The former Heisman Trophy winner, whose success in college with the Florida Gators was legendary, heaped more praise on Manziel for his ability to make plays and help the Aggies win games.

"He's a competitor. He's a playmaker. He just finds ways to get things done. You have to tip your hat to their coaches and coordinators," Tebow said. "They have an awesome scheme and a lot of great playmakers.

"There's just something about him that you think he has a chance. I like his swag. It's fun to watch."

Like Tebow, the 6'-1 freshman quarterback doesn't project to be a big-time NFL prospect, but as the NFL continues to evolve and accept more spread-option quarterbacks, Manziel may be in demand by the time he's ready to go to the NFL. Of course, he'll need to continue playing with that "swag" Tebow mentioned and come up big in big games.

Tebow has made a career out of being a winner more so than a quarterback. Now Manziel is developing a similar reputation as Texas A&M has already announced their presence as a top team in their first season in the SEC.

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