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Texas A&M Might Have To Move Its Band During Football Games

Over at SB Nation Atlanta, Michael Elkton takes a look at a potential conflict between Texas A&M and their new SEC overlords - the Aggies boast a variety of gameday traditions, but their band might have to move positions inside Kyle Field. A report in the College Station Eagle notes that the SEC forbids students from being seated directly behind the visiting benches for purposes of safety:

That would impact 1,400 seats, including all of the 374-student Aggie Band. Some 30,000 tickets are set aside for students in the 82,600-capacity Kyle Field.

Students voiced strong opposition to the rule last week, prompting Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin to schedule a meeting with student leaders Monday to discuss options.

"The Aggie Band is the pulse of the spirit of Aggieland," said Jeff Pickering, student body president. "Having them right there on top of the opposing team is important."

Here's a helpful two-word hint for the Aggies when it comes to hash out this particular issue in Birmingham: Cow. Bells.

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