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Texas A&M, Arkansas To Meet On Campus In 2012, 2013 Then Return To Dallas

Prior to the Texas A&M Aggies joining the SEC they had agreed to a long-term series to play the Arkansas Razorbacks at Cowboys Stadium, but now with Texas A&M heading to the SEC the series in Dallas was in question. Now those questions have been answered with the two schools playing on their home campuses for the next two seasons and then they will continue the series at Cowboys Stadium for seven years starting in 2014.

The 2012 game will be played at Texas A&M with the 2013 game being played at Arkansas. With this game being played at Texas A&M in 2012 it drastically changes how the home schedule looked over a week ago when the Aggies were slated to have only four home games, and now that number is up to six for the 2012 season.

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