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2012 NFL Combine: Ryan Tannehill, Case Keenum Arrive Thursday

Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill and Houston QB Case Keenum highlight the list of local arrivals to the NFL Combine Thursday.

While Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III have separated themselves from the pack at the QB position, there's not a clear-cut No. 3 on most teams' draft boards as the combine begins.

And with the QB situation pretty dire in many NFL cities, someone may be willing to take a gamble on Tannehill high in the first round, according to ESPN's Todd McShay:

"And that's why it won't surprise me, even though most teams will have a later first-, early second-round grade on Tannehill, or some teams I've talked to even think he's later second-round and are convinced," McShay said. "So there's a wide array of opinions on him, but it wouldn't shock me if we wound up seeing Tannehill. I do think he's the third best quarterback, so if he comes off the board at 11 or 12 it certainly would be no greater shock than Christian Ponder a year ago to the Vikings."

Keenum, meanwhile, will seek to answer questions teams have about his 6'2 height, which many suspect is an exaggeration, the wide-open spread offense he ran in college as well as his advanced age (24) for a draftee.

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