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Video: Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin Among SB Nation's New Coaches To Watch

Hey there, Texas A&M football fans! Noted college football blogger Spencer Hall (of Every Day Should Be Saturday fame) fought off his impending death from black lung (it's hard, noble work down in these bloggin' mines) long enough to speak with SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein about new coaching hires. His prediction? That new Aggies head coach Kevin Sumlin and his points-heavy offense will be a better fit than critics think in the SEC:

While the bulk of the attention surrounding A&M's SEC move has been focused on the loss of Texas-based rivalries and the potential revenue windfall of an even larger TV contract, there's also the issue of the decidedly offensive-minded Sumlin taking a team into a league stubborn about its defense-first mentality (How stubborn? LSU refused to even PLAY OFFENSE in the national championship game, simply to prove a point. Yeah, that stubborn).

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