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Phil Steele Rates Texas A&M's 2012 Football Schedule Toughest In The Nation

If you don't feverishly anticipate, preorder and then absolutely pore over Phil Steele's annual college football preview, you're probably suffering from some sort of dementia or severe vitamin deficiency - (Phil even offers a special state of Texas cover each year).

To add to his printed glory, Phil's web site is also stocked with information. It's the same kind of minutia that makes a smart college football fan a superior college football fan. For instance, Texas A&M is set to enter the SEC AND faces the toughest schedule in all of college football this year, according to Phil's numbers (sort of).

The chart Phil's published is actually the NCAA's method of determining schedule toughness, while Phil prefers a weighted system he finds eliminates aberrations from previous seasons' records. But by pure previous season standards, the Aggies have the toughest schedule in the nation. How? Non-conference games against FCS powerhouse Sam Houston State and WAC upstart Louisiana Tech, combined with the grind of the nation's toughest division in the nation's toughest conference.

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