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Kyle Field Demolition Would Be The Least SEC Thing Texas A&M Could Do

While Mizzou has focused on minor stadium upgrades and major uniform overhauls, Texas A&M has predictably acted more like a SEC program of the two newcomers this Spring, laying out all options to improve, renovate or possibly destroy and restart Kyle Field (courtesy the Houston Chronicle):

The construction will likely start following the 2013 season. The primary options include a section-by-section renovation of Kyle, building on another nearby site, or tearing down Kyle and starting from scratch on the same plot of earth where the Aggies have played football since 1905.

Granted, the Aggies' new conference is a collection of power programs engaged in a never ending facilities war, but they're mindful not to abandon tradition in the process. Most of the SEC's 90,000-plus cathedrals are a Frankenstein assemblage of the schools' original stadiums and layers and layers of renovations and additions (Alabama's Bryant-Denny and Florida's Ben Hill Griffin are good examples of seamless, clean looking expansion, while LSU's Tiger Stadium is a monstrous pastiche of mismatched architecture and and seating, but that's part of its charm).

Kyle Field's imposing, monolithic tiers have a certain Texas-brand brand of imposing size, even to fans seasoned to road games inside oversized stadiums. A&M would be wise to find a way to renovate Kyle Field rather than demolish it and start over - and the logistics and lost revenue of razing Kyle field and playing at least one season at a different site might be the final word.

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