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The Girlfriend (Or Wife) Of Ryan Tannehill Is Attractive, Subverting NFL Draft Attention

Noted enthusiast of prominent young blonde women and some type of business reporter Darren Rovell of CNBC put the sudden pervy observations of the 2012 NFL Draft audience into hard figures, proving Draft night's not just about the lucky few athletes chosen to make millions - it's also about their arm candy (moms included, some of those gals are holding it down, honestly):

There's a lot more now, presumably. The woman in question, Lauren Ufer (now Lauren Tannehill, as the pair have recently married) is an aspiring model, actress and Google images search term.

Now, your fix: Here's a few professional shots of her, here's her beaming for ESPN cameras last football season, and here's us growing grumpy about the whole affair of aspiring actresses and the prurient interest of football fans on the internet. Google away for the rest, you can do the dirty work on your own.

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