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Texas A&M Battles Its Bevel: An Ode To The Ags' Most SEC Move To Date

A group of Texas A&M fans (or a seriously vindictive spurned graphic design firm) has started the "No Bevel" movement among the Ags, which boils down to a fierce and yet ever-so-crucial debate that shakes A&M to its very core: the little raised thing part of the A&M logo is pissing some folks off.

We'll borrow the "No Bevel" group's example of Texas Tech, mainly because the "new bass boat" description of their rebranding is one of the all-time wonderful digs at a rival school's marketing campaign: This is a bevel logo. This is not.

The "No Bevel" group wants to take the occasion of A&M's arrival to the SEC as a time to eliminate their own "Bevel T" logo design in favor of the regular "flat" logo found on their helmets (The "No Bevel" team decries the word "flat," but since we don't have a collie in this hunt, we'll use that term because it makes sense).

We've never been more confident that A&M to the SEC was the right move - this is an organized, blindly passionate campaign not to change or modify the team's helmet, but merely the logo that's used in print and online media, as well as TV graphics. That's a feverish mandate for total, lock-step uniformity and tradition, and that's as EHS-EE-SEE as they come.

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