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Texas A&M, Mizzou Getting The Hang Of SEC Life By Renting Out Convention Space In Atlanta

While there's any number of equal metropolises in the now-expanded footprint of the Southeastern Conference, everything still happens - and seems to matter more - in the city of Atlanta. We won't question the logic, and neither should A&M and Missouri fans showing up for orientation.

Short of championship tournaments for less popular sports and the Vatican-esque decision making eminating from a secret non-denominational church basement in the suburbs of Birmingham, Atlanta's THE SPOT for all things SEC. That's why the university presidents and head football coaches of Texas A&M and Missouri will have a free food party (seriously, check the flyer, y'all - free food) at the JW Marriot in Atlanta's swanky Buckhead neighborhood on June 6.

You can register here, and we highly encourage you to do so, as SEC Commissioner Mike Slive will be in attendance, and this will be your last chance to hear such an official heap public pleasantries on both schools before the 2013 admission that adding new teams was a move made purely to keep up with Alabama football's bloodlust for tender Sun Belt student athlete meat

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