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Texas A&M Is A Strong 150/1 Pick To Win The 2013 BCS Championship

We're here to make Ags fans everywhere feel unquestionably confident about ditching a century's worth of traditions in fleeing the Big 12 / SWC to feed the greenback lust of the SEC. While touting the league's insane level of competitiveness might not make A&M fans feel great initially - they've got a new head coach, quarterback, offensive philosophy and a high school freshman's awareness of their fall slate - it's gangbusters for bragging.

To that end, Vegas has updated their odds-on favorites to win the next BCS Championship, and there's no debate the Aggies have moved into a nicer neighborhood. Hell, the cul-de-sac of the SEC West by itself blows the Big 12 out of consideration. (Check out the complete list here)

The Ags themselves are a longshot 150/1 favorite to win, but three of their division rivals - LSU (5/1, behind only USC as the favorite), Alabama (11/2) and Arkansas (20/1) are in the Top 10, as well as Georgia (12/1), who A&M misses this season. The only Big 12 team in the top ten? Oklahoma (10/1), and Texas (28/1) and Kansas State (50/1) are the only league schools at 50/1 odds or lower.

Seriously, rehearse all this. It's invaluable for keeping your head up during a 5-7 campaign.

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