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Texas A&M Puts Finishing Touches On Campus To Prepare For July 1 Entry To The SEC

The countdown is less than 12 hours for Texas A&M leave the Big 12 after 16 years, and now the Aggies start their journey in the SEC starting on July 1.

Texas A&M has been replacing their Big 12 signage with that of the SEC since last fall:

"The logo transition to the SEC began in probably late October or early November," said Matt Watson, head football equipment manager. "We commissioned the A&M graphics shop here on campus to create all the logos for our new brethren in the conference, in addition to the main centerpiece SEC logo which is on our wall. That is to my knowledge the first SEC logo to go up on this campus."

The changes are now finally complete with the Big 12 no more a presence on the campus of Texas A&M, and the video below says it all about the SEC logo:

A symbol that stands for the League of Champions. A symbol that shows that This is SEC Country.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.